Zita Sudnika
Zita Sudnika - artist and art teacher

 Zita Sudnika’s passion for art led her to graduate with a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Latvian Academy of Art.

Zita’s early works were in many genres, with emphasis on her drawing skills. Ultimately she developed her current style and direction. She often draws on nature for inspiration.

Throughout her professional career, Zita generally employed the medium of oil on canvas, but now equally turns to acrylic on canvas, more recently adding an element of metallic leaf on occasion. She appreciates the value of using quality professional materials.

Zita’s professional history varied including working as an art tutor of both adults and children at all levels including tertiary, whilst at all times also practising as a freelance artist.

Zita has participated in many solo and collective exhibitions, both in her native Latvia and elsewhere in Europe, and in her adopted home Australia. Her works are now mainly in private collections in Europe,  USA and Canada and now also in Australia.

 Zita sums up her approach to her work as follows.

 “I seek to delve deeply into my subject, to reveal my vision of the unknown, where reality entwines with hidden wonders. I like to see the unseen, to find the real in the unreal, the unusual in the usual and something big in the small.”

 A brief outline of exhibitions in which Zita has participated is as follows:

24 personal exhibitions in Europe including in Latvia, Finland and Germany. She has also held two personal exhibitions in the City of Cairns Australia.

Zita has participated in group exhibitions in Europe, Canada, and lately in Australia. She has awards from some exhibitions, her most recent one being a “Highly Commended” at the 69th Annual Open Art Exhibition at the Cairns City Regional Gallery in November 2016.


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