Zhanjiang Friendship Garden
A representation of Cairns' Chinese history and it's relationship with Sister City Zhanjiang

Created to celebrate the Sister Cities relationship between Cairns and the Chinese city of Zhanjiang. The Chinese-style garden, which celebrates the cultural heritage of the Cairns region, was officially opened on 21 November, 2015. Situated on the banks of Freshwater Lake, within the Centenary Lakes precinct at Edge Hill, the garden incorporates traditional features in a contemporary style. It pays homage to the unique friendship that is maintained between the cities of Zhanjiang and Cairns.

The entry pillars announce "arrival" and are adorned with graphic motifs of traditional cloud patters of Zhanjiang. Boulders of Chillagoe marble acknowledge the importance of rocks and mountains in Chinese garden culture. A Moon Gate is inscribed with the words "Friendship Garden" and carved granite dogs at the entrance to the Pavilion are representative of the ancient dog sculptures unique to Zhanjiang.

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