Joel G Sam

Artists Statement: This artwork represents cyclone Yasi, formed as a tropical low north-west of Fiji on the 29th January 2011 and proceeded to cross the coast of Australia near Mission Beach, Far North Queensland, 138 km south of Cairns, on Thursday 3rd of February 2011 between midnight and 1am as a Category 5 system. 

The strong blade like sections represent the powerful winds bearing down on the communities it devastated, whilst the softer sections represent the minimal winds in outlying regions.  

From the Rainforest to the sea, parks, rainforests & the Great Barrier Reef within the cyclone’s path suffered extensive damage with tree falls; loss of branches, epiphytes, vines and leaf stripping off the canopy. The fragile reef ecosystem and seagrass from shallow sea beds was washed ashored where Yasi impacted the most. Yasi caused an immediate concern to the rainforest habitat and sea mammals living in the area.  Yasi also impacted on food resources & endangered species living in the rainforest.

This work represents an exciting new direction that Sam’s work is taking. He is  focusing on weather patterns, cycles, and occurrences, along with other forces of nature, as these are of a high cultural importance both in past and present days.

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