World War II Volunteer Defence Corps, Cairns Control Room (Scout Hut)
Queensland Heritage Register

In 1942, the construction of  a control room was raised as a matter of urgency as the Council Chambers where the local civil defence organisation was housed during World War II had insufficient protection against air raids. Therefore, the World War II Volunteer Defence Corps Control Room was erected in Norman Park (now Munro Martin Park) by the Queensland Department of Public Works. The building was also used by the police, fire brigade and ambulance services. Then in the mid 1950s, it was handed over to the Scouting Association as their district headquarters.

The building was originally constructed with reinforced concrete in an octagonal shape with no windows. However, in 1980, the Scouting Association started a significant renovation program where windows were reconstructed, the floor was tiled and the exterior was sand blasted and repainted with district and area scout badges. Then in 1982, the Rogers Fibreglass firm was commissioned to install a giant scout hat over the roof of the building, giving it a distinctive appearance. 

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