Enigmatic Emanations
VANS The Omega

VANS: "To truly understand anything, we must reach deep into the heart of a topic and submerge our self into the unknown, sitting still with what arises in that space. The ocean is a place, which I have often sought for peace and recreation without completely connecting with the depth of what this world has to offer. The realization of such a precious and vibrant world underwater has brought impact and meaning to many issues we face around a sustainable future on this planet and cemented these ideas into my consciousness after experiencing the deeper waters and reefs teaming with life. The acceptance and natural wonder of ocean life have given me so much in a short time which encourages my continued support and awareness of the issues surrounding marine welfare so that my child can also enjoy the beauty that it brings. The Artwork I have created is in direct response to the energy I felt during dives at the Great Barrier Reef and shows the beauty, reflection, and connection between everything from an atomic level upwards and back within".


Sea Walls Australia is a groundbreaking public art program that brings the message of ocean conservation and environmental stewardship into streets around the country.

VANS is a national Artist from Adelaide, South Australia that was involved in the 2018 Sea Walls festival in Cairns.

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