Tully's Stratford Hotel
Stratford Heritage Trail

The pub has been renamed several times. It opened as Tully's Stratford Hotel. For a while it was Andrejics Hotel and then the Stratford Hotel. In 1997 the refurbished pub was re-opened as the Barron River Hotel. 

In 1887 William Boden opened the Stratford Hotel here to serve the many construction workers who were building the first stage of the new Kuranda Range Railway. The hotel was owned by Government Surveyor, Thomas Behan, who also owned the Stratford Rice Mill. One of Behan's employees, a surveyor called 'Bunda' Edwards, died in one of the hotel rooms in 1889. Bunda Edwards named Kuranda as part of his work as a surveyor. Bunda Street in Parramatta Park and Bundaberg are named after him. 

This hotel opened again in November 1926 when Jim and Madge Tully bought the property from Mrs Scanlan. It was known as Tully's Stratford Hotel and was popular with employees from the timber mill who would cash their fortnightly pay cheques here. There was a hall at the back of the pub where dances and euchre parties were held. The hall was also used for Sunday School and after church the children would run to the back door of the pub where Mrs Tully would hand out soft drinks to everyone. 

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