Tula Hewitt
Profile of Tula Hewitt, artist.

Tula Hewitt

Cairns resident for the past 22 years, Tula is currently working with charcoal, drawing different parts of the body in all its glory. She loves to reveal it, from a well rippled torso clad in merely a towel to a naked couple entwined. She also loves to sketch eyes, often said to be the window to the soul.

Fairly new to working with mono colours, black and white primarily, she finds using charcoal allows her to work anywhere as all that is needed are a charcoal pencil, a piece of paper and a rubber to erase things that aren’t flowing.

Tula completed her first solo exhibition at the Artists@work Studio & Gallery in December 2017, and won second prize at the 2017 Cairns Show, in this medium.

When not working with charcoal she paints flowers in acrylic or oils, creates bags out of recycled jeans and other clothes, and dabbles in mosaics.  

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