The Trouble Doubled
The Trouble Doubled is an Electronic Music Artist and Producer who goes about his craft the old school way.......with hardware.

I've been hiding myself away in my lab for years. Time to get out and show North Queensland what I can do. Generally, when you approach the topic of Electronic Music, most folks think.....relentless and monotonous beats, party time, possibly illicit substances, garish and inappropriate dress sense, egos, DJ's, Clubs and headaches. That's not how I roll. I am over 50 after all. I prefer to make music with machines that lends itself to intelligence and thought. Inventive rhythms, sweet melodies and addictive and unusual textural elements. I think of my music as more of a Soundtrack. I am about as far from a DJ as you can get. 

Getting out and about is not easy. I can't simply rock up with a USB stick and a laptop and press play. I do not play other peoples music, and my craft involves lots of gear, actual hardware boxes. Sequencers, Drum Machines, Synthesisers, Effects units, various MIDI control gear, a very large mixer. I approach what I do with an old school attitude, and an unbreakable belief in my methods. 


For examples of my work, please visit the following.

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