The Trouble Doubled
Hardware based Electronic Music Production Studio and Training Workshop. Very well equipped and flexible personal studio. Suitable for all levels.

The Trouble Doubled is a Cairns based Electronic Music Workshop. My focus is to provide Production, Composition, Sound Design, Tutorials and Live Performance, based on midi communication, hardware and workflow. A Midi based approach to production and composition allows for a highly flexible, efficient and cost effective approach to Electronic Music and Soundtracking. I am keen to provide One on One Tutorials and Mentoring to interested peeps in the North of Australia. My home studio has a substantial amount of high quality equipment, ensuring almost anything is possible. A lot of my life has been spent, discovering and learning the use of midi hardware, connections and communication, sequencing, and sound design, so you would be wise to take advantage of the knowledge acquired and the mistakes made. The Trouble Doubled is based in Cairns, Australia. 

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