The Ironing Maidens
Award-winning electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens are putting domestic labour, technology and the history of women in electronic music centre stage with their freshly pressed house beats.

Do you hate ironing and wish the world would change? Are you a closet ironer and need to get out more? Or are you an avid ironer who thinks that with a freshly ironed shirt and a good soundtrack you could go places? This is your night!

The Ironing Maidens is live electronic music performance  as you have never seen it before. It uses irons and ironing boards as instruments and is set in the local laundromat. It is relevant and thought provoking, but at the same time wholly entertaining and funny. It toured regional laundromats in QLD and NSW to rave reviews, sold out shows and so much media attention.

This is a family friendly event that you can take your gran to. It's also a cutting edge experience to impress your friends with. It's a mix of music, visuals, costumes lighting, dancing, heaps of energy and plenty of ironing puns.

They won “Best Electronic Music Production” at the 2017 Dolphin Music Industry Awards. They have toured this show to festivals and venues nationally and internationally. The METRO Sydney, Fusion Fest Germany, The Berlin Performance Art Festival and Falls Festival Byron Bay. Now they are coming to your neighbourhood.

Be quick to get in on this one of a kind, experience. It will  transform the way you view ironing, housework and electronic music - forever!

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