The Five Elements
Jill Chism

The Five Elements "focuses on the interconnectedness of the elements, (wood burns fire, which decomposes into ash, creating earth, which forms metals, which disperse in water, which feeds wood) this work is symbolic of the interdependence of a community. As an open circle on the foreshore this work offers an opportunity for people to gather, engage with the work and share with each other. Totems as symbols are traditionally linked to specific groups of people within a tribe or community and stand as an emblem of the identity of the group. These totems engage viewers as a reflection of the dynamic and colourful spirit of the Machans Beach community." (Jill Chism)

The materials used for this artwork include: marble from Chillagoe, slate from Mount Carbine, stainless steel, wood, glass and acrylic tiles, photo-infused aluminium and found objects in resin. The work consists of five poles standing at three metres in height in a circle with a diametre of five metres. 

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