Stratford General Store
Places of Significance - Cairns Regional Council

A building with a verandah over the footpath in this approximate location was indicated on a plan prepared by the Main Roads Department in 1933 and labelled 'Post Office and Shop'. There is a further reference to the installation of public telephone, and telegraph facilities being installed at the Stratford Non-Official Post Office in 1939. Mr. G. Weinert operated a general store and casket agency (lottery) in Stratford, and it is likely that he also managed the non-official post office from the same premises until at least 1949. In 1950, the Mulgrave Shire Council approved a building permit for T.E. West, Stratford, for 'post office, mercery, business and residence.' The Art Deco style of the parapet of this building suggests that it could have been built in the late 1920-30s, but this style can also appear later than one would expect in regional areas. Surviving horizontal hopper windows at ground level and the eaves arrangement however indicate a 1930-40s building.


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