Stratford Bridge
Stratford Heritage Trail

The idea of a coast road linking Cairns and Port Douglas was first suggested in 1918, but it was considered too difficult and expensive. In 1925 Councillor Rex and eight Douglas Shire residents walked 45 miles from Mowbray to Cairns to demonstrate that it was feasible and by 1927 surveyors were assessing the route. 

When the Farmer's Bridge over the Barron (a short distance upstream of here) was damaged in the 1929 flood, the Main Roads Department decided to build a new bridge as part of the new Cook Highway. 

It was expected that the bridge would be completed by the end of 1933. However there were constructed delays. When the Honourable Henry Adam Bruce arrived for the opening of the Cook Highway on 17 December the bridge was not finished.

A Category three cyclone on 12 March 1934 caused widespread flooding and sections of the unfinished bridge were washed away. By the end of March the bridge was opened temporarily and construction was completed once the flood subsided. 

The bridge closed in 1978 and fell into disrepair. In 1993 it was removed and this fishing platform is all that remains. 

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