Woyaya Acappella Singers
WOYAYA! celebrates the beauty of Acappella songs from all over the world, including songs from Africa, Macedonia and Papua New Guinea, alongside Gospel and contemporary songs from closer to home.

WOYAYA! (WOI-YAH-YAH) is a community choir that sings in the Acappella style under the direction of Jane Younghusband.  Jane has been teaching Sing Your Heart Out acappella singing classes in Cairns since 1994.

Acappella is the term used to describe unaccompanied singing - that is no piano, guitar, etc.  It is a style that is increasingly popular, perhaps because it gives power back to the unaided voice.

WOYAYA! sings songs from all over the world, including African, Gypsy, Bulgarian, Gaelic, Israeli, Spanish, Gospel, as well as arrangements of contemporary songs.

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