RSL Gordonvale (Former Lyric Theatre)
Places of Significance - Cairns Regional Council

Originally the Lyric Theatre which officially opened on 24 June 1934, the building was also used as a dance hall and community hall in general. The owners were the English family of Malanda. The theatre program opened on 30 June with a film called "Kiss Me Again" It was purchased by the RSL circa 1952, and the single bay of reworked frontage was likely built then. The hall section consists of corrugated iron cladding with timber louvres above. The one reworked section is at the frontage and it consists of an upper level clad in chamferboard, with a lower section in block work. The building was used during the Second World War as an entertainment centre. During the war the building was used for storage and there was a high jump tower at the buildings rear. Late in the war the Red Cross (occupying the near adjacent Park View Hotel) organised theatre and dances in the hall.


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