Rosie Miller Workshops
Visual Arts Workshops for Private and Public Organisations, Primary and Secondary Schools.


ICE SCULPTURES: Engage in the practice of making ice-sculptures using recyclable materials with natural and man-made objects to communicate your topic of interest. Artworks are exhibited online at with accompanying Artist Statements from each student. THE MELTING POINT PROJECT is an ART PLUS Program: A cross disciplinary initiative bridging Visual Arts with Australian Curriculum Key Learning Areas including Science, ICT, Literacy, Numeracy and HASS.  I have developed this program for REACH Regional Excellence in Arts and Culture Hubs & PAN Primary Arts Network.

MATERIAL EXPLORATION focuses on investigating properties of any given material to inform a process and develop an artwork. Material examples: Paper, Paper Cups, Paper Straws, Paper Plates. Understanding inherent behaviours and characteristics of the material you work with, allows you to build with it, compliment and utilise existing qualities when creating your artwork.

PRINTMAKING Relief printing with Scratch-Foam is an extremely quick and easy method of printing with lovely textured results. In one hour, create a plate, ink and print in single or multiple colours. This is an addictive printing process as results are so quick and easy to achieve. A perfect introduction to printmaking. Suitable for all ages and abilities. 

TAPE DESIGN Using Electrical or Painters Tape as a drawing material and interior or exterior surfaces as a canvas, we will temporarily effect, customise, personalise, disturb, enhance and activate environments. Identifying spaces and constructing creative environments through design, patterns, shapes, colours and lines brings an awareness of the spaces we inhabit and how we feel when we occupy them.

DRAWING MACHINES This workshop is a lot of FUN! Build a drawing machine with pens, batteries, wires and a motor. Once your electrical circuit is complete and connected your drawing machine will begin to travel mapping it's path and recording it's own vibration. Suitable for Primary & Secondary Students, Professional Development in STEAM linking Arts + Science.

FLAGGING TAPE is an extraordinary material with multiple uses. In this workshop we use it to alter common exterior architectural structures in order to change the way engage with them. The tape is used to draw lines between fixed points and it's self to create webbed arches and tunnels and playgrounds. Students work individually and collaboratively in this workshop. 


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