Regular Rick

Regular Rick's artwork was a durational piece that was initiated at the Sea Walls Australia Festival Launch. The Artist painted live at the launch event, and then completed the artwork during the week - transforming it  each day.

Regular Rick: "I have lived in Far North Queensland for the past 12 years and have been lucky enough to experience the Great Barrier Reef at its best and unfortunately at it’s worst. Once you have seen coral bleaching firsthand it is hard to forget, especially when you know what it once was.

The first time I experienced bleaching I remember thinking how lifeless it had become and how the coral had taken on an almost graveyard, bone-like quality. By producing a piece that morphed elements of human anatomy with bleached coral I have attempted to both humanise the issue and reflect the graveyard feeling I experienced."


Sea Walls Australia is a groundbreaking public art program that brings the message of ocean conservation and environmental stewardship into streets around the country.

Regular Rick is a Local Artist from Cairns that was involved in the 2018 Sea Walls festival in Cairns.

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