Braham Stevens

This dynamic sculpture was inspired by the diverse tropical environment of Cairns and our relationship with it. The profile of an abstract human form reflects the Smithfield Range directly behind Founders Green. The figure, leaning forward with arms stretched back, symbolises future human endeavour and scientific innovation. 

The sculpture is constructed from 40mm laminated laser-cut steel plate. 98 tectonic exterior plates signify the region's volcanic prehistoric past. To signify James Cook University's tropical leadership, the piece also incorporates geographic references to the equatorial land masses of Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. 

This artwork forms part of the Cairns Regional Council (CRC) and James Cook University (JCU) Public Art Link Project. CRC and JCU enjoy a strong collaborative relationship, which aims to create lasting educational, cultural, social, environmental and economic benefits for the region. This Public Art Linking Project was commissioned in 2015 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of JCU's Cairns Campus. It comprises two sculptures: 'Reflection' forms one half of the artwork, with its counterpart, 'Embrace', located at Munro Martin Parklands in Cairns City. Together, the artworks celebrate the close relationship between the Council and the University. 

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