Red Dice
Live rockabilly with a modern sound

The band is made up of talented individuals who each have a long history playing rockabilly - rock n roll.


The idea


Red dice are a hybrid modern outfit with a very punchy chest thumping sound, you couldn't not notice them when you hear them. Heaviest bass sound on the circuit thumping drumming beats and wild twang from the guitar and great vocals. They have put together some great music using the wild rockabilly sound but with a modern progressive sound, certainly different. They are without doubt the best band to hit the scene for some time now. Great to see a band that has its own identity not following the crowd, these guys are out there.


The sound 


When asked how they created there sound?  We decided to do what we liked rather than what other bands try to do. We play nuance rockabilly how it was invented. If people like what we do then that's a bonus, we just love to play it how it should be. We are constantly pushing for that sound, we don't just copy like all the others, we put the red dice touch to it and we get a great sounding song.


The greaser look 


We're did you get your look from?  Naturally  we decided again not to follow the others. Every time we see a band there, all in bowling shirts, no individual look. We are greasers, we were leather, motorcycle jackets. Red dice is not a promo band, were a hard hitting original nuance rockabilly band.




We have an EP underway, all original. We produced a promo recording done at the Queensland conservatorium of music. These songs were purely promo to let the promoters here us. We could only do four songs and were informed by management that they had to cross the spectrum so as to give an idea of our competency and sound, we sound better live.


Live performances


We are on stage to entertain and have a great time playing. If the crowd see you having fun they have more fun. Every performance we give 100%, we love to play, its what we do. Come check us out at our next show.

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