Phive Visual Communications
With specialist knowledge of strategic graphic design and a focus on logo and brand development, Phive offers innovative solutions to meet your graphic design needs.

Phive is dedicated to helping businesses grow their public profile through all aspects of visual communication—from logo design and brand development through to corporate literature, marketing campaigns and illustration, in both print and digital platforms. 

Phive is me, Nikki Ward, a highly skilled, creative graphic designer with over 20 years experience in the design, marketing and advertising industries. I love coming up with innovative design solutions and gain great satisfaction in seeing a client find success through their well-thought-out and beautifully designed branding and creative.

Working direct with clients from large corporate firms and government bodies, to small established businesses and independent start-ups, I take projects from concept to completion—including all aspects of pre-press and print production. I also love collaborating with other creative minds on design projects and am often called on for commissioned freelance work with other designers, design studios and agencies.

I never claim Phive to be ‘We'; it’s just me. You make contact with me, I design for you, we create together. The process is simple, efficient and importantly, cost-effective. High Phive to that!

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