Kamerunga Lower Bridge
Places of Significance - Cairns Regional Council

The ferro-concrete Kamerunga lower bridge is of historical significance in the history of the Cairns regional area. Built at the end of 1910, and opened in 1911 to the design of the Cairns Harbour Board engineer Mr C. N. Boult, the bridge was the first to allow an easier crossing from Cairns to its northern hinterlands and to townships beyond. Although it was not always available due to flooding of the Barron River, it did afford a simple dry crossing for people and carts (and then cars) until a higher crossing was completed in timber at Stratford. This second crossing was partly swept away and eventually a third bridge was completed before a modern bridge was installed east of Stratford in 1977 carrying the current line of the Captain Cook Highway. In 1979-80 a new high level bridge was completed from Kamerunga to Caravonica finally making obsolete the need for the Kamerunga lower bridge by those in the Redlynch, Freshwater, Kamerunga and hinterland areas. The bridge and its approaches were subsequently converted to a passive recreation area.


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