Jennie Scott
Specialised in driftwood sculpture and ceramics with a focus in wildlife

Born Kingston-upon Thames UK immigrated to Australia 1964 lived in Cairns till 1976.  Went to Africa, and spent 10 months working and painting in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, where they bought several of my pen and ink drawings, which they produced in print, and sold throughout the Park.

I had several successful exhibitions, in Johannesburg and Salisbury (now Harare).  Arrived back in the UK 1982, where I had three more exhibitions with my Paintings of African animals and horses.  I attracted the attention of a large printing company called Drayco Print Consultants; they took 12 of my horse paintings, and turned them into cards and framed pictures. Two of these paintings featured on Coronation St,  UK Television.

In 1997 I studied for a National Higher Diploma in ceramics and glass at Plymouth University UK.  I sold many of my sculptures to the U.S.A and private collections in the UK and Saudi Arabia.

I returned to Cairns Australia, 1999 joined the Cairns Art Society.  I have won many awards for my artwork throughout North Queensland .

I have BA degree, ( Major Archaeology) James Cook University Cairns.

I was one of five artists to successfully complete in December 2003 a 16-metre mosaic path for the Esplanade project in Cairns. 

Exhibition at ‘Gallery 53’ Cairns. 2004

And a combined exhibition with Ludij Peden ‘Fair Dinkum Outback’ Longreach Qld with workshops 2004.

Successful Joint Exhibition with Ron Edwards called ‘One Hundred Horses’ Cairns 2005..... Sculpture/paintings

Tribute to Banjo Paterson Exhibition Gallery 53 Cairns 2008....... sculpture/paintings

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