Hydrographic Survey Bench Mark, 1878, Bessie Point
Queensland Heritage Register

A broad arrow bench mark, or datum mark, is chiselled into a large granite boulder on the Rolling Bay (west) side of Bessie Point, located on the east side of Trinity Bay. The arrow was cut in early February 1878 during a hydrographic survey of Cairns Harbour by Navigating Lieutenant Edward Richard Connor, Royal Navy (RN). The bench mark, used to indicate the datum (low water ordinary spring tides) from which the depth of water in the harbour was calculated, is surviving physical evidence of 19th century efforts to survey the Queensland coastline to assist marine navigation, and of the development of Cairns as a port.

Queensland Government: Queensland Heritage Register. (2016). Hydrographic survey bench mark, 1878, Bessie Point.

Retrieved from: https://environment.ehp.qld.gov.au/heritage-register/detail/?id=602833 

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