Hanuman in Cairns
Thirawutt Bunyasakseri

Thirawutt: "In a globalization era, the whole world people and cultures are connected to each other. I personally believe that culture has no certain form. It is always ready to combine with other cultures. Many times in the past, a great invention emerged within the collaboration  of multiple cultures.

The painting "Hanuman in Cairns" I myself as a foreign artist living in Australia have adapted Thai traditional painting from conventional manner into street art in order to create an easier (pictorial) language for sharing and exchanging my culture as well as insisting multicultural environment in Australia."


Hanuman in Cairns on the wastewater pump station in White Rock is part of the Cairns Regional Council PUMPED public art program.


Council infrastructure provides an important (often unseen) service to the community providing safe drinking water and hygienic disposal of wastewater. The artworks in this trail aim to enrich and celebrate the buildings and sites they occupy. 

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