Great Pyramid Race - 17 August, 2019
The Great Pyramid Race is a FREE FAMILY EVENT run by The Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair Association Inc. as a service to the local community.


The event and the supporting pop up stalls, entertainment and music, cultural and craft events, children’s activities and rides and amusements have become the foremost community event for Gordonvale and surrounding areas, growing every year since its inception in 1959.

Festival activities include the main event, The Great Pyramid Race, as well as other sporting activities including a 5km Cross Country Race and a 1500m Road Race around Norman Park (for competitors from 10 years of age).

There will also be a diverse selection of performers, musicians, workshops and roving entertainers to keep the crowds enthralled. This year sees great representation from local businesses, organisations, school groups and individuals – all committed to showcasing the unique community of Gordonvale.

The event, held on the second weekend in August annually, is attended by up to 8,000 spectators (local, interstate and international), making it one of the largest and most vibrant events in the region.


The word is that it’s all down to a couple of Gordonvale cane farmers. It had been another typical sweltering day of backbreaking work swinging a knife in the cane fields and in time-honoured tradition, there were mighty thirsts to be quenched at the local pub. The bar was fronted, and as the pots went down, they worked their magic. Tongues were loosened, the tales got taller and boasts invariably got bigger until the inevitable happened. A challenge was thrown down.

Who of the two could get to the top of the nearby Walsh’s Pyramid and back in the shortest time? A bet was made between them and being where it was made, the word spread like a cane fire, and the ever-enterprising local bookie was soon posting the odds taking bets. The amber liquid, so often the cause of many mad ventures, had spawned what would eventually become The Great Pyramid Race.

It gained some official organisation and status in 1959 as part of Queensland’s Centenary celebrations and went on to become an annual event that gets marked in the diaries of some of the finest and fittest runners, as a “must”.

The results of that first boozy challenge may be shrouded in myth, legend and outrageous exaggeration, but today, though competitors may deliver record runs, the mountain remains as formidable and challenging as ever. The Great Pyramid Race takes its place as an event of world class.

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