Gordonvale Memorial Hospital

Mrs O'Neill, was the person most involved in organising the construction of a War Memorial Hospital in Gordonvale. Her two sons Act Sgt William O'Neill, and Second Lieutenant James Gordon O'Neill were killed in action. Fund raising for the original hospital started in September 1920 using both donations and government resources. The building was constructed by the Public Works Department and included a maternity ward. When it was officially opened by Lord Stonehaven, the Governor-General, in July 1926, it was fully equipped with the latest appliances purchased with funds raised by the Committee. The original building was subsequently demolished to make way for more extensive structures. The modern Gordonvale Memorial Hospital has a marble plaque, removed from the original hospital, on the left wall of its entrance with a comprehensive history in a separate plaque below. Within the hospital foyer are several photographs of William and James O'Neill.

The Gordonvale Memorial Hospital also forms part of the Cairns Region ANZAC Trail. To see more information about this trail, see the below links:

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