Farmers' Bridge
Stratford heritage Trail

In 1920 a consortium of farmers bought Acacia Bank Farm on the northern bank of the river. They decided the old hand-operated punt wasn't good enough so they applied to the Cairns Harbour Board for permission to erect the first bridge across the Barron at Stratford. 

The consortium borrowed the Board's pile driver and built a bridge that was 160 metres long. The deck of the bridge had tramway rails on it and it was just wide enough to carry a wagon. 

When the 'Farmer's Bridge' was completed in 1921 people on the north side of the Barron no longer had to travel all the way to Kamerunga to cross the river. 

However, in 1927, major flooding caused substantial damage and the Cairns Shire Council spent £1,500 replacing a section of the bridge. It was re-opened with much celebration but in 1929 it was damaged again and not repaired as there were plans to re-align the road for the new Captain Cook Highway to Port Douglas. 

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