Cultural Services, Cairns Regional Council
Facilitators, planners, presenters and animators

While tens of thousands of people attend our events every year, many people may not have heard of Cultural Services. We are branch within Cairns Regional Council whose role it is to harness the creative energy of Cairns and build upon the strength of the arts and culture already embedded in our community.

Our team is made up of dedicated and passionate people from our community. We are, Planners, Producers, Curators, Marketers, Designers, Technicians and Administrators, and we love what we do. Our offices are at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre, Tanks Arts Centre and Cairns Performing Arts Centre.

We facilitate arts and cultural community grant opportunities including the RADF program, which is delivered as a partnership between the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and eligible local councils across the state. Click here to learn more about these grants.

Cultural Services is also the heart of arts and cultural strategic planning for Cairns Regional Council. Click here to read more about Council's Strategy for Culture and the Arts 2022, including a link to a full set of resources.

We are responsible for the management and maintenance of Council’s extensive public art collection, as well as the acquisition and commission of new works, as underpinned by Council's corporate objectives that seek to build Cairns’ reputation as a vibrant and contemporary public art city.

In addition, Cultural Services is responsible for maintaining historical buildings such as the School of Arts, the Potters Club and in the future, the Courthouse.

We also operate and program:

Our major events include:

How we engage with community and develop the creative industries in our region, and beyond:

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