Fringe Dwellers
Caroline Mudge

Caroline: "It is part of the Australian culture to want to live near the coast. The construction of housing and increased population density brings pressures on delicate surrounding ecosystems and often the first to feel these stresses are mangrove habitats. Pressures include land reclamation, stormwater discharge, dumping, pollution, agricultural runoff, global warming, sea level rises and increased pedestrian activities. Mangrove ecosystems are vital to the biological productivity and provide a critical nursery environment for a vast number of marine life. They act as a buffer between land and reef as they filter runoff and improve the water quality.

'Fringe Dwellers' tackles these issues and at its center features a 'mother earth/warrior' type figure harboring her family of fringe dwellers seeking refuge in her own healthy fringing environment. We need to protect and celebrate these incredibly diverse and vital ecosystems which nurture around 75% of coastal fishery/crustacean catches, without healthy mangroves, there are no fish!"


Sea Walls Australia is a groundbreaking public art program that brings the message of ocean conservation and environmental stewardship into streets around the country.

Caroline Mudge is a Local Artist from Cairns that was involved in the 2018 Sea Walls festival in Cairns.

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