'Cane Beetles' Trail

Recruitment marches were held throughout Australia to encourage young men to enlist. The 'Cane Beetles March' coincided with ANZAC Day 1916, a period when cane beetles were damaging the North Queensland sugar industry. Their banner displayed the German Kaiser fleeing before a swarm of beetles. Four volunteers left Mooliba (now Bartle Frere) on 20 April 1916 reaching Babinda that evening where they were joined by nine more volunteers. The next day they set off for Aloomba where they were welcomed with speeches, singing and refreshments. After a night at Aloomba the men headed to a rousing welcome at Gordonvale. The following day they practised drill, visited nearby farms and attended the Presbyterian Church. At Edmonton they were, once again, welcomed enthusiastically and played a football match against the locals. On Monday 25 April, 29 marchers were met by the Mayor and crowds of people at Woree. From there they marched through Parramatta Park to Norman Park (now Munro Martin Parklands) for ANZAC commemorations.

The 'Cane Beetles' Trail also forms part of the Cairns Region ANZAC Trail. To see more information about this trail, see the below links:

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