Cairns Historic Chinatown
Grafton St (formerly Sachs St) between Shields and Spence St was the site of the original Cairns Chinatown precinct which was established in the late 1880's to service the growing Chinese population.

After arriving in north Queensland in the 1870's to seek their fortune on the Palmer goldfields near Cooktown, many migrants moved on to settle in Cairns, Innisfail and the Atherton Tablelands. By the 1880's the Chinese were well established in the region, pioneering the banana and sugar industries and market gardening. Sachs St (now Grafton Street) became a thriving Chinese business precinct as well as a residential and cultural enclave for the Chinese community.


Lit Sung Goong commemorative sculpture - 93-95 Grafton St 

Interpretive signage - Chinese history of Cairns  93-59 Grafton St 

Heritage listed Chinese shops (original rich) - 101 Grafton St 

Lit Sung Goong Temple site - 95 Grafton St

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