Cairns City Library Literary Trail W
Micah Doran

This book sculpture relates directly to the title of the book, "Three Times Lucky". With Jack Woodward having survived three potentially disastrous crash landings, Micah felt it appropriate to recreate the event - "crashing" the book sculpture, and setting it low into the cement. As such, the sculpture's trajectory can be seen scoured across the footpath to its final rest at the perimeter. "Once again," he says "I had fun modelling the stainless welds to show the waves of soil displaced by the Blenheim bomber on its impact. I found a wry wit in Jack Woodward's perceptions of events, to the extent of him almost making light of the situation. Hence in the image, the pilot stands slightly shaken on the wing, surveying the situation, and in turn being surveyed. The caption underneath, "the natives were curious", refers to the amazement of the locals who crowded around this unusual visitor to their field.

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