Cairns City Library Literary Trail V
Micah Doran

Author: Vera Bradley

In talking of this book, Micah says "I found many images would have made an excellent design … However … this particularly evocative image was chosen. "As there were no landing lights installed, flares had to be lit to light the runway and mark direction for night landing. "No radio used, only flares". Two inch cotton wicks or pine strips from kerosene-tin packing cases were placed in four-gallon drums with oil. When the aircraft was in sight, or could be heard overhead, we doused the drums with petrol or thinners and lit it ..." I used a 350 amp MIG welder to create this sculpture, and I had particular fun in "modelling" the weld into flares, so that in addition to templates being recessed into the stainless plate, there was a positive 3D addition to the surface, allowing for a tactile response. This sculpture is intended to be touched, in a sort of visual Braille, and as such is created from impervious materials.

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