Cairns City Library Literary Trail S
Micah Doran

Author: Nonie Sharp

Micah Doron says: In keeping with the theme of literature, this is one of the authors I have represented with a book sculpture. Rising out of the ground on a stainless steel pole, the book portrays a beach scene, footprints leading the viewer to the two figures almost lost in the background. Nonie Sharp focuses on the dispossession of an entire people, vanishing from their sand beach country, and takes a stand with a reminder of the culture that displaced these people. She states: " a fundamental level, the processes which led to the near annihilation of the people in the Cape York Somerset area are of the same character as those which induce a thorough going forgetfulness about the rights or even the existence of the survivors and their descendants today". The sculpture is a testament, in the permanence and durability of stainless steel, to Nonie Sharp's work, and the culture she has advocated.

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