Cairns City Library Literary Trail Q
Micah Doran

Author: Michael Quinn

The three low relief bronze plaques set into the footpath represent puddles of water and provide a visual interpretation of a book relating to semantics-the relationship between signs and their meaning. The author has worked at revitalising a waning language. The first in the series of bronze plaques depicts several pelicans beneath a full moon, two symbols chosen by the author, which had strong associations with the Djabugay. The underlying message in this plaque is hinted at with the inscription, "Bulay" meaning "once", and symbolises the prevalence of the spoken Djabugay language in this area in past times. The pelicans are in abundance, the moon is full. The central plaque depicts a face, looking up silently-a mute testament to the decline of the spoken language. A single pelican rests dormant under a waning moon in the final plaque, completing the narrative with a contemporary synopsis of the Djabugay spoken language inscribed beneath the pelican; "yalu yalu" or "these times".

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