Cairns ANZAC Park
In remembrance 11/11/1995

The present ANZAC Park is much reduced from the original and lies adjacent to, and north of, the Casino. This section of Cairns originally formed part of the Customs House Reserve, which included gardens used for official functions. Part of this area was gazetted for an ANZAC Memorial Park on 18 December 1920. Core features are set among a well-maintained lawn and landscaped area. An entry sign is embedded within the winding, paved pathway, which incorporates a range of cast metal decals, c 400mm diam. Each depicts specific conflicts as the path winds its way to the Esplanade. Three polished black granite columns, about 1250 x 400 x 400mm, surmounted with bronze castings depicts Women in Service, along with Naval and Air Force aspects of past conflicts. The new park was dedicated on 11 November 1995 following extensive redevelopment of the area.

This park also forms part of the Cairns Region ANZAC Trail. To see more information about this trail, see the below links:

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