CADCAI - Cairns & District Chinese Association Inc.
A collection of artifacts from the dismantled Lit Sung Goong Temple and historic Chinatown. By appointment only.

Cairns has always been multicultural and vibrant. Key to understanding the story of FNQ is understanding the Chinese 'story'. Cairns' Chinatown was located on today's Grafton Street. Businesses, shops, dwellings and temples including the Lit Sung Goong Temple (1886-mid 1960s), lined the street. Heavily involved in the development of agriculture, particularly bananas and sugar, this community was instrumental to the prosperity of early Cairns.

The Lit Sung Goong Temple fell into disrepair in the 1950s and was dismantled in 1964. Its collection was salvaged by the Chinese community, and has been documented and conserved. Cairns & District Chinese Association Inc. is the custodian of the Lit Sung Goong Temple collection. This rare, beautiful and virtually intact example of the material culture of Chinese Australian religious practices, is one of the few tangible links to Cairns' historic Chinatown.

Comprising more than 250 metal, wood and glass objects including temple furnishings, deity statues, carved decorative panels, paintings on glass, printing and fortune telling paraphernalia, processional items and timber furniture, this is a nationally significant collection. Private viewings of the collection can be made by appointment. Opening times are by appointment.

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