Briana Lee Art
Local emerging abstract artist

Briana Lee

I am a local artist who began painting almost two years ago. I have always been fascinated by art and the creative process from a young age coming from a large artistic family. Since commencing this art journey a couple of years ago I have participated in the following exhibitions:

  • 'Comfort Zone' at Crate59 in November 2016 (invited artist)
  • Cairns Arts Society Annual Open Exhibition in December 2016
  • Artists of the North in April 2017
  • Cairns Arts Society Annual Open Exhibition in December 2017 (Finalist)
  • Eight at the Artists@work studio March 2018 (collaboration)


As well as various commissions for clients in Cairns and the Sunshine Coast I have also sold works from the above exhibitions to buyers in Melbourne and Cairns.

Each piece I create is inspired by the colours I choose and the music I listen too whilst working. I deliberately do not plan a piece before I start: this allows the process to take me on a journey lending to an artistic freedom where form and energy can emerge from the canvas organically.

I aspire to create unique pieces that evokes a feeling for the viewer in which they can't help but seek out the story that lies within the painting: conjuring their own experiences or a memory that helps them to connect to the art.

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