Braham Stevens
B R A H A M Stevens - a Cairns regional based public-artist whose captivating sculptures & thought provoking interventions are dramatic in scale & daring in their form. His choice of materiality & highly contrasting finishes is as important as the sculpture's bold fluid biomorphic aesthetic.

B R A H A M  S T E V E N S  sculptor/designer/land artist  

E N G A G E  CREATE  C O N N E C T - the artist's contemporary, large-scale, multi-media practice is geared towards the architectural & public domains - predominately manipulating & transforming heavy-gauge advanced metals, alloys & oversize random stone into bold fluid 3 dimensional forms. A focus of enquiry into fractals, regenerating cyclical patterns & natures diverse forms of expression directly informs his evocative biomorphic signature-style that defines vivid negative space through multi-layered positive reinforcement. The resulting inherent dichotomy imbues his artwork with an engaging depth, character, tactility & distinctive readable at distance texture. Braham's dynamic practice has led to national work across most States & Territories including internationally in America, Japan, New Zealand & Singapore. His reputation as a progressive, site-responsive, culturally aware & environmentally conscious collaborative artist has made him a popular candidate for site-specific public & architectural based commissions.

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