A Musical Odyssey
Australian-Greek Mezzo-soprano Katerini Manolatos & guitarist Paul Chantrill bring the music of Greece and the world alive. Let them take you on a journey.

Katerini Manolatos and Paul Chantrill started a musical collaboration in 2010 when they met in Cairns at the Tanks.  As a duo they have travelled around Australia and to Greece performing their World Music programs.  Currently they are working on exploring the music of Greece in preparation for their 2019 Australian Tour.



Katerini Manolatos - Vocalist

As an Australian of Greek heritage, Katerini Manolatos’ close connection to Greece has been realised with numerous visits, one of which included her own wedding celebration. It’s only natural then that her love for Greece will culminate in the release of “A Musical Odyssey: Songs from Greece” - some 10 years after the launch of her first CD, “Anamniseis”.  

They will travel to Greece in August 2015 to show case their new album in concerts on the Ionian islands. 

“My life so far has made for an interesting journey. I have met some amazing people along the way, not the least of whom is guitarist, Paul Chantrill. Our joint passion for world music has resulted in an exciting collaboration of creativity and art. We trust that you too, can embark on your own Musical Odyssey.”

Paul Chantrill – Guitarist

Paul Chantrill grew up playing music and it has always been central to his life. In adulthood he has embraced the opportunities of working and living abroad and encountering different people and cultures. “Music has always been my way of experiencing and seeing the diverse world around us.”  

After meeting Katerini Paul says he began a new chapter in his own personal, musical journey that tapped into the rich vein of Greek music and culture.

Paul says that they’ve noted a links between the music of Theodorakis and the music of Spain, which in turn has the guitar squarely as the centre of its musical tradition. It has also provided an insight into interpreting and presenting Greek music through the guitar. “Its personal, rich intone is very intimate and direct and really fits the challenge of representing Greek music in an exciting way.”

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